About Us

Widely revered as a leader in the field of Dental removable prosthetics worldwide and one of the most notable international Dental presenters whose use of detailed animations and videos have commanded the respect of the dental profession, Dr Massad behind the scenes has another passion. Privately for the last 20 years he has created thousands of animations and video compositions for other educational speakers. In addition major corporations have sought him out to assist in the production of instructional animations and videos to take their new products to market. As a privately owned company he has been involved with large corporations both US and Abroad along with Private and State operated Universities to do what most production companies cannot come close to matching his highly detailed quality productions. As founder of once the acclaimed Millennium Productions he eventually diversified his production operations into directing and producing Educational Streaming Videos and highly technical manufacturers products and equipment Instructions for Use in compliance with the highest federal regulatory requirements beyond the request of his clients. This intuitive foresight is indicative of his motto, "we've got your back." Today his services include Medical and Dental Applications, Universities streaming educational updates and real time broadcast streaming videos for his clients. With 12 Telly Awards in only the last 3 years for writing, directing and producing he has delivered more than 18 Awards to his clients companies for their projects. Let us Welcome you to view our library. respectfully, The Team of DentalLibrary..